For over 20 years, Brandywine has provided hazard communication labels and software to a wide array of clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical marketplace under the descriptive Brandywine Drumlabels, LLC. These mostly large hand-applied drum, pail and tote labels are printed on-demand and serve as product labels that also communicate GHS, OSHA and DOT hazards and regulatory requirements.

The recent color inkjet revolution in printing has allowed Brandywine Drumlabels to expand our label offering for these large labels in both continuous and sheeted inkjet formats. More significantly, the ability to digitally print blank die-cut inkjet labels on rolls for small container auto-application (pails, jugs, gallons, quarts, pints, etc.) has allowed Brandywine to bring our labeling and regulatory expertise to new industries and markets as Brandywine Primelabels.

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