Pressure sensitive labels are either hand applied or auto-applied to containers. They need to be wiped down to properly activate the adhesive. Hand application is common for large drums and totes, and for many pail applications. Smaller container labels, especially for large volume products, are generally applied with auto-labeling equipment.

Three Types of On-Demand Labels

There are three different types of labels for on-demand printing: die cut rolls, continuous fanfolded and sheeted labels. Brandywine will help you determine the best label choice for your label printer, application method and you plant operation.

Depending on your method of label application, you can print labels on demand on a variety of tested and recommended color inkjet or laser printers. Sheeted and fanfolded labels are going to be hand applied. For auto-application, print rolls of durable Brandywine Prime™ Glossy labels on demand and then place them on your applicator. Print only the labels you need when you need them and eliminate the need to keep an inventory of pre-printed labels.

Proper Application

Pressure sensitive labels need to be pressed down in order to activate the adhesive properly. Make sure all edges of the labels are pressed down when being applied to the container.