GHS tested and approved, sturdy and grease resistant

For over 20 years Brandywine Drumlabels has provided labels for totes, pails and drums to specialty lubricant manufacturers and packagers. Now with our print on-demand capabilities, Brandywine Primelabels can also provide you with vibrant, durable labels for any lubricant product. 

And we can prove it! Our labels are GHS tested and are resistant to grease and oil. And with on-demand printing, Brandywine Primelabels will have a real, calculable impact on your accounting spreadsheet. 

1. GHS tested and approved

All chemical labels must comply with OSHA’s standards while remaining in alignment with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals – or GHS for short.

Brandywine Drumlabels successfully implemented GHS with our drum label customers. Now with Primelabels, we find that the GHS requirements are best managed with on-demand label printing, which allows easy changes between similar products that have different GHS pictograms or slight content differences based on container size.

Our Poly-Twin® labels meet all the requirements for GHS labeling of chemical products.

2. Sturdy and grease resistant

The unique chemistry of our Brandywine Prime™ Glossy Paper and Glossy Film labels allow you to print beautiful, vibrant and durable labels from your own labeling system or a simple PDF library without the need to over laminate.

Our standard durability metrics include resistance to water, alcohol, acetone and UV exposure, and scratch, tape and rub resistance for packaging and shipping.  

Brandywine Prime™ Glossy labels have been durability tested and are recommended for use on a full assortment of printers. You get cost savings and operational flexibility and efficiency from on-demand label printing with Brandywine Prime™ Glossy labels on both pigment and dye inkjet platforms.

3. Print on-demand for cost control

All of our labels can be printed on your in-house color inkjet and laser printers.

By buying our specialty blank labels and printing on-demand you will save money in the long term. Not only will you avoid waste from overprinting labels from third-party printers, you can also reduce the amount of time spent storing and organizing labels for later use. 

By printing on-demand in-house, you eliminate the need for outsourcing all together. Both your printing costs and labor expenses will see a drop when you switch to on-demand printing.

Contact Brandywine for all your Lubricant Labels needs

Save time and money printing your lubricant labels on-demand with Brandywine Primelabels. We are ideally equipped to support the auto-labeling application of labels in all manner of sizes and shapes to a wide variety of containers big and small. 

Count on Brandywine for the next 20 years with container labeling for your specialty industrial lubricants. Contact us today to learn more about our GHS-compliant labels and how on-demand printing can work for you. 

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