Dual Adhesive Labels

Like many manufacturers of adhesives and coatings, Rohm & Haas, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical, sells the same chemical product under many different product names for a variety of business reasons. Until they started using Brandywine's Poly-Twin® LX™ Dual-Adhesive™ technology labels, they were forced to completely remove and throw away the initial drum label and replace it with a new label, a costly and time consuming process.

With Dual-Adhesive™ technology from Brandywine, Rohm & Haas cut the costs of re-labeling by approximately 85% by reducing the time and labor to relabel a truck load of drums (80 drums). Here’s their story:

Before Dual-Adhesive™

In order to make product name changes to 80 labeled drums that were stored in inventory (four drums per pallet, one full truckload), two direct hourly operators and one indirect material handler were assigned to the task. The Industrial Engineer calculated that it took these three employees 3 1/2 hours to remove and replace the letter sized vinyl labels before they could be shipped to fulfill a customer order.

Cost Before Dual-Adhesive™

80 labels ($24.00) + 2 direct workers ($175 - $25/hour) + 1 indirect MH ($105 - $30/hour) = $304.00

After Dual-Adhesive™

Using Brandywine's Poly-Twin® LX™ Dual-Adhesive™ technology labels, configured to have 5 product name strips per letter size label, it took one direct operator andone1 indirect material handler 45 minutes to re-label only the product name change for the 80 drums.

Cost After Dual-Adhesive™

16 labels ($4.00) + 1 direct worker ($18.75 - $25/hour) + 1 indirect MH ($22.50 - $30/hour) = $45.25

Savings from Dual-Adhesive™ Technology

$258.75 per truckload of drums. This is estimated to save a single plant $25,000 annually (based on 30,000 drums annually and 25% re-labeling).

More effective and efficient use of time and personnel are the promise and the reward of Brandywine’s patented Dual-Adhesive™ technology. The Brandywine Difference is available on Poly-Twin® LX™, EP™ and Brandywine Prime™ labels.

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