When a chemical batch is being reacted for filling into pails or drums, GHS product labels are required so the containers can be labeled with the product’s name and workplace hazard information.

How Re-labeling Technology Works

The drums are then placed in a warehouse for shipment some time in the future. This probably covers 75% – 80% of the sales for that chemical product. However, often times that same exact chemical is sold with a different product name due to private branding, joint ventures, or because the same chemical is sold in other countries and requires a different trade name. Nothing else need to change on the label except for the product name.

Like many manufacturers of adhesives and coatings, Rohm & Haas sells the same chemical product under many different product names for a variety of business reasons. Until they started using Brandywine's Poly-Twin® LX™ dual-adhesive technology labels, they were forced to completely remove and throw away the initial drum label and replace it with a new label, a costly and time consuming process.

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