Brandywine’s core business is providing labels for chemical and chemical related products that communicate hazards and serve as product labels. 

Historically our focus has been on regulatory compliance chemical product labeling and understanding the standards and regulations associated with packaging and labeling for those packaged products – primarily pails, drums and totes. More recently, as printer, ink and coatings technology has improved and evolved, we have expanded our involvement and understanding to coincide with more consumer products packaging and labeling in smaller containers (jugs, gallons, quarts, pints, etc.).  

In addition to our on-demand label products, we provide labeling services that are critical to communicating hazards and lowering overall costs. These services are available to Brandywine customers at no charge or at cost as we look to be your comprehensive label supplier.

Our approach can be best imagined as the three legs of a sturdy stool. Individually, each leg is strong and properly connected with the other two legs to form a sturdy, reliable and long-lasting structure.

While the label media leg is our core business, the labeling software leg and the labeling hardware leg (printers) are also critical to a successful labeling program – and therefore just as strong an reliable. Count on Brandywine to help ensure your labeling software and labeling hardware are the right match for a successful labeling program.

Our labeling services include:

  • Labeling Software Solutions
  • Labeling Hardware Solutions
  • Compliance Consulting
  • Independent Labeling System Evaluation