thermal printing platform by offering our Thermal-Twin® labels

With the advent of digital color printers, along with the adoption of GHS and color pictograms, the demand for thermal transfer printing options has decreased. However, Brandywine recognizes that thermal transfer printing remains a manufacturing and warehouse standard for barcode and other black and white monochrome labels. We continue to support the thermal printing platform by offering our Thermal-Twin® labels in most standard sizes.

Thermal-Twin® drum labels bring Brandywine’s patented Dual-Adhesive™ technology to the thermal transfer printing platform, including chemical drum auto-labeling systems. Like their laser and inkjet label counterparts, Thermal-Twin® drum labels are designed to withstand the most hazardous industrial chemical labeling environments.

Brandywine’s proprietary labeling technologies enable our customers to utilize their existing print-on-demand systems, increasing operational efficiencies and lowering overall labeling costs.

Ask us about Thermal-Twin® die-cut roll thermal transfer label printers from Zebra and CAB.

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